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Apex Inspection Services have extensive wind turbine maintenance experience. Providing highly skilled and qualified personnel to projects all over the world.

Our experience ranges from rope access soultions across all industries to wind turbine maintenance including blade repair, innovative leading edge protection, NDT, drone inspections, tower painting, lightening protection inspection & repair.

Based in the North East of England Apex Inspection Services are perfectly placed to assist with the UK's plans to generate enough electricty through offshore wind to power every home in the UK by 2030.


Our specialist and highly experienced IRATA certified rope access technicians are a fast and cost efficient solution to other forms of access.
Our wind turbine services include...

We pride ourselves on the quality & integrity of our repairs. All of our rotor blade technicians are trained to industry standard and have a minimum of 3 years industry experience.

An integral part of wind turbine protection. We have the personel and equipment to carry out full continuity test re-installing any impact damaged lightening receptors.

A fast and cost effective alternative to other access solutions. All of our rope access technicians are trained to IRATA standard and have a minimum of 500+ hours.

Power curve upgrades can increase wind turbine AEP (Annual Energy Production) by upto 5%, servicing and maintenance is pivital to ensure peak performance is continued.

As safety is of paramount importance to Apex Inspection Services, we ensure all of our technicians recieve thorough training required to work with epoxy resins and isocyanides.

Our skilled and higly proffesional rope access personel can safely carry out rotor blade cleaning and tower cleaning taks, quickly and efficiently.

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